Brook’s Gelato

Scotland Trip: Part One – Brook’s Gelato

Heading to Scotland, we decided to break our journey at Barton dairy, Barton near Preston. Tucked down a small lane about 10 minutes off the motorway, this dairy farm produces the most delicious gelato in an array of flavours from mango, to chocolate, honey comb, blue berry yogurt and salted caramel.   It was very difficult to choose what to have, and the other Member of the nearHome team were very restrained selecting just one flavour each. Me, how could i resist vanilla and mango… so delicious.

All gelato is bought from the purpose build shop next to the barn, where on the day we visited, 107 lovely cows who enjoy endless snacks and each other’s company whilst producing the wonderful raw milk that goes onto the gelato, and all supervised by Molly the dog!

Barton dairy also sells raw milk, select flavours of milkshakes and eggs (when available – we were too late!).

Thanks Barton dairy for a great stop over !!