Whether a foodie or a family we all love fresh food but don't always know what fantastic products are available near home.

So here is a website that helps you know what special products are available near home. It also helps our independent shops and producers be found.

And of course, shopping for food near home is great for the community and environment as well as our taste buds!


What next?

Once you have submitted your listing to us, we will review it and assuming all is well, release it on nearHome. 

Become Featured

We love to give a 'shout out' to teams with great pictures, interesting listing, fantastic products, and great customer service.  

So don't hold back  ... we look forward to giving you a 'feature' tag and top search slots for a couple of weeks!

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Add your Listing

The first step to joining us on nearHome is to create your listing. It's really simple. First, go to the 'Add Your Listing' page, which you can find by clicking here or the 'Add Listing' button in the main menu.

Simply fill in the form with your listing details and include eye-catching and interesting photographs.

Hints and Tips: Appealing photographs are really important to draw in customers.

Keep your description short but include important aspects like:

  • Family run
  • Organic
  • Locally produced
  • and anything that makes you passionate about what you are producing/making/selling

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Company already here?

You jumped out at us when we started off and we couldn't resist sharing our excitement with others.

That said, if you'd like to take over your listing from us, please get in touch and we'll transfer it to you to make even better.

Join our adventure?