Curlew Dairy

Traditional Farmhouse Wensleydale Cheese

Curlew Dairy is run by Ben and Sam who started making Old Roan Wensleydale in 2019 on their family farm in Wensleydale. They, unfortunately, had to move premises in early 2022 and with the help of other small artisan cheesemakers, they renovated their garage to create their micro dairy. From then until now they have been perfecting their original recipe. They make their cheese in small batches, so can give each batch all the attention it needs.

The milk they use comes from a local farm owned by Will whose cows are purely grass-fed and are allowed to graze the pastures for as long as the harsh Yorkshire weather allows them to (normally from April to November). The happiness and health of his small herd of Holstein and Ayrshire cows are Will’s main priority. The milk they use is unpasteurised which helps the flavour of the cheese.

To buy their cheese visit their online shop (here) for home delivery or collection from their honesty box at Wensley or their mobile milk vending machine, information about locations are here.

They have two milk vending machine locations, one being their mobile vending machine (in a converted horse box) which is parked in a different Wensleydale village each day of the week. The other is in Campbells of Leyburn (at the back by the deli counter). The milk is gently pasteurised so you get a layer of cream on the top!

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Leyburn DL8 4HN England GB
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order online, visit their honesty box at Wensley or visit their mobile milk vending machine (please see their website for location information)