Millbank Venison

Wild & Parkland Scottish Venison

Millbank Venison is an independent farm selling Scottish venison that can either be ordered online or bought from their stall at the Moffat Farmers Market. Their parkland and wild venison are produced and prepared in Dumfries and Galloway and they are passionate about producing sustainable, nutritious and award-winning meat. Their fallow venison is only available from 1st August and stops on the 30th April because of the breeding season. During the breeding season they sell roe venison instead.

Their wild roe and sika venison are from a local estate, where they roam freely and are processed in the wild. Because of this the deer don’t graze on vast quantaties of grassland but instead eat more easily digestibale shoots, young leaves, fruit and fungi.

Millbank Venison offers a large range of cuts of meats including rack of venison, mince, haunch steaks, tenderloin fillet, sausages and more. They sell free-range chicken and duck eggs too. During the festive season, they also offer a Christmas Scottish Venison Box.

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Lockerbie DG11 2RW Scotland GB
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To buy Millbank Venison products you can either order online or visit them at the Moffat Farmers Market