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Oxton Organics began back in 1986 when owners and founders Jayne Arnold & Julian Eldridge bought a 5 acre plot of land and decided to start producing quality organic vegetables for their local community. A few years later and Oxton Organics was one of the country’s first organic veg box schemes and delivered farm fresh organic vegetables to local households. 

Now-a-days the field has grown in size and is flourishing as a farm with wildflower rich pastures, no-dig vegetable gardens, orchards and tall hedgerows for the local wildlife. Jake, Jayne and Julian’s sons has joined the farm, bringing with him new ideas and strategies to help the farm continue for another generation.

Although their farming methods may have developed, the fundamental idea behind Oxton Organics hasn’t. The family continue to run the farm with the passion and belief that food should be produce in a way that ‘nourishes human and non-human life alike’.

Oxton Organics’ Veg Boxes

Oxton Organics offers different size boxes depending on the size of your household as well as speciality super fresh boxes. These speciality boxes are packed with entirely homegrown produce, most of which will be seasonal. You can also personalise your box, so the team will take your likes and dislike into account when packing.

There are also some optional extras for your subscription. They offer an option to add a bag of organic fruit and eggs to your weekly delivery. On top of that you can add more of the veg you like with their add-on modules (eg extra salad or root veg) so you can really personalise your box with what you need and like to eat.

To order an organic veg box for yourself visit their website and sign up to start your weekly delivery of fresh from the farm organic produce. They only offer veg boxes locally as they don’t want to compromise of the freshness of the produce and their ecological footprint. Check the map on their website to find out if you live in their delivery zone.

photos courtesy of Oxton Organics

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Organic fresh from the farm veg boxes are delivered locally in Worcestershire by electric van meaning zero emissions deliveries!