Simple Cow Bristol

Milk Station

Simple Cow was started to deliver the best-tasting, single-source milk to as many people as possible. The owner Ollie and his family have a commitment to sustainable farming, and he has a herd of only 50 cows, each of which has a name. They care about their happiness and health, allowing them to produce 300,000 litres of milk each year! They do everything at their farm, and this allows them to ensure quality milk.

The milk station is designed so that you can take along (or buy a glass bottle) to fill up at the milk station. This means that you will be buying less plastic!


  1. Purchase a 1-litre glass bottle
  2. Fill your bottle with fresh whole milk from our vending machine
  3. Keep refrigerated under 4° and use within 4 days
  4. Simply wash your glass bottle after use, ready for your next refill.


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Merchants Road
Bristol BS8 4PZ England GB
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Opening Times: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please note the images are courtesy of the Simple Cow Instagram page.