Springs’ Smokery

Specialists in Smoked Salmon, Gravadlax & Smoked Cod Roe

Started in 1964, Springs’ Smokery is a family-run smokery using traditional methods to create a range of quality products.

Their range includes smoked salmon, gravadlax, haddock, mackerel and smoked cod roe. Their salmon is carefully sourced, the fish are fed organically where possible, so no antibiotics and they are cared for to the highest welfare standards.

When it comes to the process, the filleting is always done by hand, only salt is used for the curing (no additives or preservatives etc.) and the salmon are ‘hung smoked’ in their 50-year-old kilns using oak logs for 24 hours. The process from start to finish takes 4 days, this long process ensures a high-quality end product.

When it comes to the environment, Springs’ Smokery tries to minimise the environmental impact of what they do. They source from local businesses where they can, some products come from further afield but they use local businesses to source them. Any surplus fish is used by local fisherman for bait and the polystyrene boxes they receive fish in is used for insulating fridges and freezers.

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Edburton Road
Henfield BN5 9LN England GB
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