Somerset: Reg the Veg

Ever since I discovered Reg the Veg in May last year I have wanted to visit them. Based in buzzy Clifton in Bristol, near the famous suspension bridge, this wonderful small greengrocer sells a large variety of super fresh produce, a huge range of which is grown in the UK.

During my day in Bristol back in October, I made sure to visit them, in fact, they were the reason I planned this day out! At this time of year, apples were in season in the UK and half of their stall (which is set up in front of the shop) displayed British apples, of all sorts of varieties. They also had a great selection of seasonal squashes and gourds, they are so beautiful and each one so unique, with different shapes, colours and patterns!

As well as seasonal produce, they also had some more exotic fruits such as guavas which are very rare (and really quite expensive) here but are absolutely delicious and such a treat when they are cooked with some sugar and water until they are soft.

One of my favourite things about buying produce from greengrocers, other than the fact you are supporting local independents and the produce is super fresh, is a lot of the time the fruit and veg are loose which amazing! Inside the shop, the shelves were full of fresh loose vegetables ranging from mushrooms to squash, graffiti aubergines, broccoli and onions.

The staff were super friendly and the man who served me told me about the fresh sourdough bread they also sell which is made by The Bakehouse.

If you are ever in Bristol and are looking for a wonderful local greengrocer, I would highly recommend stopping by Reg the Veg.