Let’s Go Seasonal

let’s go seasonal!

There are so many reasons to buy and eat produce that is in season.

  • you’re supporting local producers (discover the producers on the Explore page)
  • the produce is fresher so likely to have a greater nutritional value
  • it will have a lower carbon footprint than imported food that has travelled across the world to get to the shops
  • allows us to cherish what is best of each season
  • it tastes great!

We are excited to introduce our Seasonal series.  Each month, we will celebrate the taste of local by cooking with the best of our in-season fruit, veg, meat and fish.  Look out for our Seasonal November recipe and enjoy butternut squash, late apples and duck.

So get inspired and have a go!  If you try the recipes, please do let us know how it went and tag us in any of your photos on Instagram (@shopnearhome)

The Cook