Bevistan Dairy

Sheep Dairy

Nestled in a north Bedfordshire Valley is Bevistan Dairy, a family-run farm producing and selling sheep dairy products including Handmade Yoghurt, Sheep Cheese, Icecream and Milk from their flock of French and Dutch Milk sheep.

The sheep spend the winter months in purpose-built barns to protect them from the harsh winter weather. This is also where lambing takes place in February and March. When spring arrives the flock is turned out onto the fresh pastures where they are allowed to roam and graze. Their milk is naturally pasteurised which means it can be stored frozen.

To buy their products either order (via phone or email for orders over £40) or visit one of their stockists, full list of here, just scroll down once you have followed the link.

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Turvey Road
Bedford MK43 7LH England GB
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To Buy their products either visit their stockists or order via email or phone for orders over £40 Images by nearHome and courtesy of Bevistan Dairy