Devon: Fresh Flour

I discovered  Fresh Flour some time ago.   Made from ancient grains, Emmer and Einkorn wheat, Fresh Flour creates a range of products, including Spaghetti, Casarecca and Fettuccini, and Sourdough Crackers (of various flavours).  They have recently introduced Digestive Biscuits (chocolate and plain) to their range as well as Ramen Noodles.

Emmer and Einkorn wheats are heritage grains and as such, they contain a lower level of gluten and are easier for the body to digest. I’m trying to be more gut health conscious this year so this is one reason I’ve become a fan of Fresh Flour’s pasta.  The other reason is that, whilst on first appearance, their pasta looks  ‘heavy’ , it is actually very light and full of flavour.

Fresh Flour is a small artisan business located in Devon; everything is handmade. As a consequence, it does take a couple of weeks for orders to arrive. So if you would like any of their products for a specific date, I recommend ordering well in advance.  Their products are really worth the wait and their customer service is excellent.

Digestive biscuits are relatively new to Fresh Flour’s range and I tried them for the first time last week.  Oh wow, absolutely delicious!! The chocolate ones are very chocolaty but not too sweet. The chocolate is in the biscuit, not on top.  They are thick and quite hard to break, which means you can’t share them!!! But trust me, you won’t want to!! The plain sourdough digestives have the same texture but a more subtle taste, perfect with a good cup of tea 🙂 The dangerous thing about these biscuits is they are very moreish, so the box empties very quickly (or they did at my house, at least)!