Court Lodge Organics

Organic Pouring, Drinking and Potted Yoghurts

Court Lodge Organics, set in the Pevensey Levels in Sussex creates a range of bio-live yoghurt drinks, pouring yoghurt, potted yoghurt and labneh cheese whilst also supplying local cheesemakers with fresh organic milk. 

David and Marian run the farm along with a small team. We are passionate about sustainability as well as the well-being of the cows, wildlife and environment. 

The farm is completely organic creating a safe haven for wildlife to flourish whilst our cows are cared for to the highest level of welfare. They spend as much time outside as possible (only coming into the barn during the winter when the weather is bad and the grass is no longer growing). When it comes to the products no artificial colours, additives, thickeners, GMOs or ‘processing aids’ are used. 

Photos by Court Lodge Organics

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  1. So delicious!

    I bought a pot of Court Lodge live set natural yoghurt at Middle Farm, Sussex on Saturday. Oh my goodness, I have never tasted such delicious yogurt before! Just wish it was available closer to me!

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Court Lodge Organics products are stocked at certain local shops. You can also find them online at Abel & Cole. Visit our website for more information about buying our products.