Raw Milk and Ice cream

Dawlicious is the home to Barry, Jenny and their daughter Claire Daw as well as their Bluegrass and Bluerock Jersey Herd. Barry and Jenny have been at Amwell Place Farm since 2002. They both grew up around farming as both their parents worked on dairy farms. Their cows graze outside for 6 months of the year during the spring and summer.

Their milk is raw milk which means it has not been pasteurized or homogonised. You can buy either 1 or 2 litres at a time. You can either use provided plastic bottles or purchase a re-usable glass bottle if you prefer.

Claire started making Dawlicious rich, creamy ice cream using milk from their Jersey cows. They keep their ice cream as natural as possible by using local ingredients where they can.

You can buy their ice cream on the farm as well as at Foxholes Farm Shop, Brookmans park Dutch Market Place and Cammas Hall sell 500ml tubs.

You can buy their raw milk, eggs and ice cream from the farm via their vending machine which is open 7 days a week.

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